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What is Aluminum Stair Treads?

Aluminum stair treads, also named aluminum treads for stairs, serve the same purpose as stair treads.

Where to Use for Aluminum Stair Treads?

Aluminum Stair Treads provide a surface to step on when using stairs, they can be utilized in various other scenarios and any situation that requires climbing, including:






Industrial platforms

Fire wells or fire exits in tall buildings

aluminum stair tread with stair nosing
Aluminum Stair Tread With Stair Nosing

What are the Main Types of Aluminum Stair Treads?

We offer a variety of aluminum step cover profiles to meet market demands. Whether you need a standard maintenance access cover or a pedestrian-friendly product, we have the ideal solution. Our step covers come in extruded, expanded mesh, or fabricated treadplate options. 

Fabricated Step Covers

Made from treadplate, with a design similar to extruded covers, crafted from solid aluminum.

Expanded Mesh Step Covers

Used in wet areas like quarries or mines, with holes allowing water and debris to fall through, providing slip-resistance and a textured, knurled surface.

Extruded Step Covers

Solid extrusions, typically used indoors in industrial settings with minimal waste, water, or dirt.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Stair Treads?

Aluminum is the superior choice for step covers, offering numerous advantages beyond being lightweight, termite-resistant, robust, and 100% recyclable.

Weatherproof Durability

Aluminum stair treads excel in outdoor applications, remaining unaffected by weather conditions such as rain, snow, and salt air. Unlike timber, which requires ongoing maintenance to protect against the elements, aluminum does not rust, deteriorate, or warp, ensuring a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution.

Cost-Effective and Practical

While full concrete stairs can be more costly, aluminum stair treads provide an economical alternative. Additionally, their use is sometimes architecturally mandated, making them a practical choice. Compared to the accumulated maintenance costs of timber over the years, aluminum offers a more cost-effective option.

Architectural Design Flexibility

Aluminum’s versatility allows for a wide range of design possibilities, unlike the limited options available with timber. Aluminum stair treads can be easily crafted into various shapes, including circular configurations, enabling architects and designers to achieve their desired aesthetic. This material’s popularity in storage facilities and other industrial settings is driven by its ability to create a sleek, modern, and structurally sound industrial look.

What are the Surface Treatment of Aluminum Stair Treads?

For step covers, the recommended finish is a mill finish. Powder coating can be used on extruded step covers, but it wears down over time, especially on ribbed surfaces, making the lines visible. Anodizing is a better option, but it also wears off eventually.

In some cases, a edge stair nosing with a rough, sandpaper-like surface is added to step covers to provide extra slip resistance.

Most step covers used in applications like fire wells have a mill finish. This applies to both expanded mesh and fabricated checker plate step covers.Next Step for Your Step Cover Project

stock of aluminum stair tread with stair nosing
Stock of Aluminum Stair Tread With Stair Nosing


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