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Reliable and Corrosion-Resistant Direct Fasten System

When it comes to direct fasten system, our stainless steel threaded studs are the perfect solution. Designed for use with powder-actuated nailers, these studs offer secure and long-lasting connections.

Direct Fasten System Using On Metal Gratings


High-quality special stainless steel


Save your time to install

Firmly Fixed

Tensile Force: 15-25 kN

What is the benefits of our Direct Fasten System?

Crafted from high-quality special stainless steel (equal to A6 in Europe), our fastprovide exceptional strength and durability. Their reliable performance makes them suitable for a variety of applications, including construction, metal framing, and more.

With a minimum base material thickness of 3/16 inches, our threaded studs ensure a robust and solid connection to steel surfaces. This substantial base material thickness enhances stability and minimizes the risk of dislodgment or failure.

To protect against corrosion, our stainless steel threaded studs feature a galvanized zinc coating. This coating, with a thickness of <20 µm, provides an effective barrier against environmental elements and extends the lifespan of the studs. You can rely on their resistance to rust and deterioration, even in demanding conditions.

Whether you’re working on a residential project or a large-scale industrial application, our stainless steel threaded studs deliver unmatched performance and reliability. Their compatibility with powder-actuated nailers streamlines the installation process, saving you time and effort.

Ensure secure and efficient fastening on steel surfaces with our stainless steel threaded studs. Trust in their exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and compatibility with powder-actuated nailers to achieve reliable connections that stand the test of time.

Note: Please customize the specific details, such as stud diameter and length, to match your product specifications.

Product Application of Direct Fasten System

Used for fastening grating or diamond-patterned steel in corrosive environments, including applications in oil and petrochemical industries, offshore platforms, shipbuilding, coastal engineering, wind power generation, chemical plants, refineries, solar panel installation, and fastening various types of gratings.

Material Specifications of Direct Fasten System:

1. Shank and thread: S31803(1.4462) equivalent to A4 /AISI grade 316 material.

2. SN washer: S 31635(X2CrNiMo 17-12-2,1.4404)

3. Sealing washer: Elastomer,black, resistant to UV, salt water, water, ozone, oils, etc.

4. Guiding sleeve: Plastic 5. Flange nut: A4 / AISI grade 316 material 

Direct Fastener System
The DISC system of Direct Fastener System

Technical Specifications of Direct Fasten System:

Supported Products: YD-X-FCM Disc and M-Clip Series 

Corrosion Protection Level: Equivalent to A4 grade 

Installation Torque: 5-8 Nm Recommended 

Tensile Force: 15-25 kN 

Thread Diameter: M8 Pin 

Length: 30mm \ 35mm

How To Install The Direct Fasten System?

The Installation Instructions Of Direct Fast System

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