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Aluminum I Bar Grating of 1" Height

1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating is highly esteemed for its outstanding lightweight attributes and cost efficiency, making it an optimal selection for a myriad of applications. Crafted with high-strength bearing bars, it ensures slip-resistant surfaces, thereby promoting safety across diverse environments. Moreover, its affordability amplifies its appeal as a gratifying solution.

Available in pre-fabricated panels or customizable to precise specifications, the Aluminum I Bar grating of 1″ height offers versatility to accommodate varying project demands. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes, this grating option delivers enduring durability and reliability while upholding economic viability.

The Features of 1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating

Kind&Hold Bar Grating, Swage-Locked, I-Bar, Aluminum, Alloy 6063-T6, Mill Finish, 1″ Height x 1/4″ Top Flange Width I-Bar Bearing Bars, Spaced 1-3/16″ on Center with 15/16″ Clear Space Between Bearing Bar Top Flanges, Grooved Surface, Bearing Bars Run Parallel to Length of Panel, Cross Bars Spaced 4″ on Center, 75% Open Area, GIA-100, 19-SI-4 Spacing,

Other heights are available: 1-1/2″ height, 1-1/4″ height

Kindhold Aluminum I-Bar grating
Design consideration of the aluminum grating allows for the same load carrying capacity at less grating weight per square foot than rectangular bar, which results in cost savings.
Item Number KHI6701317722
Product Line Bar Grating
Construction Type Swage-Locked
Bearing Bar Shape I bar
Series Type GIA-100 (19-SI-4)
Product Spacing 19-SI-4
Material Aluminum (AL)
Surface Finish Mill / Anodizing / Powder Coating
Material Finish Mill Finish
Product Surface Grooved
Product Form Panel
CAD Drawing Down Load Aluminum I Bar Grating CAD Drawing:1" Height.
Load Table Down Load Aluminum I Bar Grating Load Table
Project Capability Graphic design. 3D model design.
MOQ 20M²
Production Capacity 300M² Per day
Alloy Grade or Type 6063-T6(6063T6)
Bearing Bar Size 1 Height x 1/4" Top Flange Width I-Bar
Bearing Bar Height 1"
Bearing Bar Top Flange Width 1/4"
Bearing Bar Vertical Width 1/16"
Bearing Bar Bottom Flange Width 1/4"
Bearing Bar Spacing 1-3/16" on Center
Clear Space Between Bearing Bar Top Flanges 15/16"
Clear Space Between Vertical Portion of Bearing Bar 1-1/8"
Clear Space Between Bearing Bar Bottom Flanges 15/16"
Bearing Bars Per Foot of Width 10.1053
Cross Bar Size & Shape 3/8" Square Rod
Cross Bar Spacing 4" on Center
Percent Open Area 75%
Weight 1.90 Lbs./Square Foot
Sizes (Width x Length) 24" x 240"; 24" x 288"; 36" x 240"; 36" x 288" Custom

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1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating

Fabrication Of 1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating

aluminum grating installation

Engineering of 1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating

Kind Hold offers complete engineering services from concept to production.  Available services include:

  • Design consultation
  • Technical manuals
  • Field technical representatives
  • CAD drafting
  • Engineering certification
  • Custom design services

1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating Fabrication

Our fully trained production staff will transform stock panels into custom components to your exact specification. We will layout and cut our products to any configuration. We also fabricate stair treads, frames and install lifting devices on products as needed. Shop fabrication eliminates the need for costly field labor and scrap disposal at the project site.

Post-fabrication, all materials can be properly finished to assure maximum life. Additionally, all panels are piece marked to matching installation drawings which accompany product shipment. Our fabrication services are accurate, prompt, and lead to straightforward installation.

Workers Are Welding Aluminum Gratings

In-House Fabrication of 1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating

Kind Hold proudly offer in-house fabrication of aluminum bar grating including:

  • Sawing
  • Flame and plasma cutting
  • Welding
  • Punching
  • Banding
  • Finishing
Custom Aluminum Grate Walkway

Customized 1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating As Your Requirement

Kind Hold offers custom-made gratings in many versions and types. Each grating type has its application, such as pedestrian traffic, various types of vehicular traffic, entrances and so on.

The gratings can be ordered with different bearing bar heights, mesh widths and formats. Custom-made grating is cut and adapted to meet the customer’s needs. We will be pleased to assist you with planning and design.

1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating Surfact Options

SG Series Aluminum Pressure Locked Grating With Smooth Surface

Plain Surface

Standard surface for rectangular bar products with excellent self-cleaning characteristics. Suitable for most applications.

SG Series Aluminum Pressure Locked Grating

Serrated Surface

Notched rectangular bearing bars provide increased slip resistance. Ideal for applications where moisture or fluids may be present on or near the walking surface.

Swage Locked I-Bar Aluminum Grating

Anti Slip I Bar Surface

Striated flanges of the “I” bar provide enhanced slip resistance without the added cost of serration. (T-bar has the same function.)

1 Inch Height Aluminum I Bar Grating Finish Options


Mill Finish

Mill finish aluminum bars without additional coating. May show discoloration from welding and fabrication. Also can provide excellent corrosion resistance.



An electrochemical process that produces an oxide coating which provides additional corrosion resistance and a decorative finish. Clear or colored finishes available.

POWDERCOATED-aluminium grates

Powder Coated

Specialty coatings may be specified in a wide range of colors. Some options include powder coating, vinyl coating, enamel, or epoxy paints.

Kind Hold Project Gallery

We are a major materials supplier for numerous large-scale projects, providing over 100,000 square meters of aluminum grating for dozens of global projects. If you require aluminum grating or related products, please feel free to contact us.


7000M2 Alu gratings Singapore

SABR Project Jacket 07 Small Boat Access Tower Structural Steelwork

7130.5M2 Alu gratings Austrilia

University of the Sunshine Coast

2285M2 Alu louver Australia

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We are proud of our reputation and have worked with our customers for the past 10 years to improve their productivity and grow with them.

“I was impressed with the quality and performance of the aluminum grating I purchased from Kind Hold. The customer service was also top-notch. They answered all my questions and were very helpful at every step of the process. Highly recommend it!”
"We have been using the aluminum louver purchased from Kind Hold for three months, and it works very well. The quality is better than the louver purchased from others. The price is much better than that one. We are planning to place another order in the near future."
"I have been working with Kind Hold for a long time, and I am delighted with the quality of their products. And the sales service is also excellent. If there are any problems, they will contact us and help us solve them in time. I am so lucky to choose them as the partner!"
Project Manager

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