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8 Essential Factors to Choose Aluminum Walkway Gratings

Kind Hold possesses a wealth of experience spanning 7 years in the fabrication of aluminum walkway gratings, offering top-notch functionality and versatile applications.

Aluminum Walkway Gratings
Aluminum Walkway Gratings

Benefits of Aluminum Walkway Grating

In essence, it serves as a vital component in ensuring utmost safety during transitions from one point to another. Utilized across diverse sectors including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, marine, and water treatment industries, walkway mesh or grating proves indispensable.

Conformance to Australian Standard AS1657-1992

Kind Hold’s Aluminum Walkway Gratings adhere meticulously to the stipulations of the Australian Standard AS1657-1992. Crafted from aluminum alloy 6063 T5, our gratings and stair treads boast exceptional durability. With magnesium and silicon as alloying agents in 6063, it enables the fabrication of thin-walled structures and intricate forms, while its low magnesium content mitigates stress corrosion cracking.

Material Composition: 6063-T5

Noteworthy for its anodizing capability, weldability, and heat treatability, 6063 alloy in the tempered condition (T5) undergoes artificial aging post high-temperature shaping. These enhancements fortify the aluminum, rendering it robust and highly resistant to corrosion. Consequently, it proves suitable for diverse atmospheric conditions, including marine environments, thereby minimizing maintenance expenses.

Anti-Slip Surface

Beyond its inherent strength, aluminum walkways feature a premium anti-slip surface, ideal for ramps, stair treads, and pit grates in wastewater treatment facilities. Employed on rooftops as work platforms, air conditioning platforms, and offshore installations, it furnishes essential traction for safe navigation, both at ground level and elevated heights.

Enhanced Visibility

The open-grid design of aluminum walkways ensures excellent visibility, permitting unobstructed light transmission. Facilitating the passage of air and water, it expedites drying post-rain, unlike solid decks or walkways.

Lightweight Construction

In scenarios where weight is a critical factor, aluminum outshines steel due to its lightweight nature, weighing merely one-third of steel. This facilitates hassle-free installation and proves advantageous for movable grilles, vents, or hatches.

Variety of Walkway Grating Models

For instance, the UWG13 series, boasting a height of 13mm, features panels measuring 6000mm in length.

While Series 13 and 22 share a width of 600mm, Series 22 boasts greater height, resulting in a panel weight of 35kg compared to 28kg for Series 13.

Illustrative Examples of Aluminum Walkway Gratings

Solar Walkway Solutions: Safety specialists, Essential Safety Solutions QLD, employ walkway grilles on rooftops to facilitate the safe maintenance of solar panel systems. Notably, they recently completed a 120m long walkway grille for Cummins in Mackay.

Future Projects: Essential Safety Solutions QLD is set to undertake a more extensive metal walkway project, slated for completion in September. Spanning nearly half a kilometer, the installation of 497 meters of roof walkway grilles atop a shopping center in Emerald aims to ensure the safety of solar panel workers.

Scenic Walks: Notably, Cheetham Salt, Australia’s premier solar salt producer and refiner, utilized approximately 80 square meters of aluminum walkway at Caloundra, installing it at Port Alma for scenic walks.

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