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What Is The Best Packaging for Aluminum Gratings?


As a company committed to aluminum grating quality, we also place tremendous importance on the reliable packaging of our aluminum grating products.

This article mainly discusses the importance of packaging, the various packaging options we can choose from, and the detailed specifics of our aluminum gratings packaging solutions. This is the result of 10 years of optimization based on customer feedback, and we have never had any complaints related to aluminum gratings packaging issues. We are sharing this information to help our customers clearly understand the details of our packaging for aluminum gratings.

Aluminum Grating Packaging

The Pallet Design For Aluminum Bar Grating

The base pallets are designed according to the customized dimensions of aluminum bar gratings specified by the client. High-quality angle irons and rectangular steel tubes are utilized as materials.

The pallets are welded by certified welders with WPS qualifications, following the design drawings.

To ensure load-bearing capacity and fork-lift accessibility, double-layered pallets are employed.

For convenient loading and unloading by the client, the weight of aluminum gratings placed on each pallet is approximately 2 tons.

At one end of the pallet, four high-quality casters are installed, while the other end is designed to be lifted by a forklift, facilitating the loadi

The Castors On The Pallet

Packaging of Aluminum Gratings

Standard Packaging Method

The aluminum gratings are securely sealed with multi-layer stretch film to prevent dust or contaminants. Rigid paper corners are used to protect the edges.

Customized Packaging

Customized packaging, such as wooden crates, can be provided upon specific client requirements.

The Standard Packaging:

Bundling of Aluminum Gratings

High-quality strapping bands are used to firmly secure the aluminum gratings onto the pallets at 1-meter intervals.


Providing high-quality aluminum gratings and secure packaging, while making every effort to ensure the safety of cargo during transportation, is our constant pursuit. Our goal is to be the most reliable partner for our clients.

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